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13 August, 2006
So, what's new?

The third collection of 2006 sees a set of 'new' scans and once again some of our very first - for those of you who weren't here in the '90s!happy!

In this new collection we have lots of Brad Pitt, a brace of Stephen Dorff, a fistful of Pop poppets Five, Kavana and Take That, some choice images of Ben Affleck, and a few of my special favourites - such as Dan Falzon and the gorgeous Paul Nicholls plus a whole load of other top Aussie, Brit and American talent. Enjoy!

The Galleries
In case you were wondering ... the images here are taken from UK sources, so many of the hot favourites in America and Canada (yes, I am talking about Devon Sawa, Brad Renfro et al) will not be heavily featured until they achieve major TV or film success in this country. Though ... if you have pictures of good looking guys from across the pond, please don't be shy about sending them my way!!

Are you ready? Just click and go!


OK, that's it, I hope you've enjoyed these galleries. If you have, (or indeed haven't!) why not let me know - or perhaps you want to suggest someone you would like to see featured in the Collection. Or maybe, you want to get hold of some 'originals' for yourself - visit The AJScan Collection Shop, see what goodies are available for you to purchase. Anyways, please feel free to send me an email.

The AJScan Collection Shop
If you have enjoyed the scanned delights of The AJScan Collection, you'll find a selection on each gallery of some of my favourites that are available to buy, just in case you might also like to own some 'originals' yourself! If you just want to browse, check out the AJScan Collection Video, DVD & Book Centre, there are plenty of goodies waiting for you!

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There are plenty of places to find good looking men on the 'Net, but if you're looking for young celebrities, past as well as present, these are about the best places to go:

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Can you help me?

I do have a good selection of mags to scan from, but some guys just don't appear often enough, and I'm eager to get more! If you have, or know the whereabouts of, any more pix of the guys on this month's selection or indeed any of the less "usual" subjects, please let me know.

Can I help you?

If you've got a stack of magazines or photos that you would like to see on the Internet, or just to use on your PC, why not let me scan them for you? No obligations, no charges, let's get those pictures digitized before the ink fades away forever! If you're interested, just send me an email.

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