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River & Arlyn (87K)

Of all the actors I've admired, or lusted after, River Phoenix has a very special place in my heart, in my life. This young man somehow touched the lives of so many; more than just a cute boy actor or handsome young man, he conveyed a sensibility that reached the hearts of thousands, perhaps millions, of people.

My simple tribute pages serve two purposes. Firstly a gallery of pictures to remind us not just of how physically attractive he was but also of the many incredible characters he portrayed in his short career. The second objective is simply for me to express my own feelings about what River meant to me.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough web space to display all the images I have of River, but these here are among my favourites, showing, as best I can, all the public faces of River Phoenix. I hope they meet with your approval.

There are plenty of other excellent sites dedicated to River Phoenix, but I think you'll find that Rio's Attic is one of the best places from which to start, and Issla has collected a lot of excellent pictures on her River Phoenix page, or you could take a wander through the River Phoenix Ring.

The fact that River can still influence people is demonstrated by Darren Langley who has only recently completed a screenplay about River's Life. Check it out at screenplays.hollywood.com.

Just use the thumbnails in the galleries to select the scan you want to view full size. Most of the images here are fairly large, so for those of you with slower links I have marked the size of the original image against each thumbnail. They may take a while to download, but I believe you'll find the wait worthwhile. Also, to save space, I have used 'progressive' JPGs for some of the images, if you cannot read this format send me an email and I can send you the (larger) standard JPG picture. In fact, if you have any trouble displaying or downloading any of the pictures here please let me know.

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Find Out More About River

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Amazon.com However, if your video or DVD player can play NTSC/Region 1 editions, you'll find a larger selection of River Phoenix's books, videos and DVDs still available at Amazon.com.
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River Phoenix
byJohn Glatt
River Phoenix: a Short Life
byBrian J. Robb
The River Phoenix Album
byPenelope Dening
Running On Empty
byJohn L. Barker

(Also available direct from the author)


This page would not have been possible without the generosity of others, so my sincerest thanks to everyone who has posted pictures of River on the Internet, and in particular for this edition of my page grateful thanks to Robert and Gily for sharing their excellent collections with me.

And Robert gets another mention now, since he created a most marvellous River Phoenix Gallery at River Phoenix Archive. If pictures are what you want, do pay him a visit - and let him know that Adrian sent you!

The AJScan Collection River Phoenix Tribute page features a selection of quality scans, many/most of which will have come from various sources on the Internet. I am grateful to all those generous people who have freely donated their efforts for the benefit of us all and equally, of course, any of my own scans (those marked with the "AJScan" logo) that I have posted here are freely available for anyone to save and distribute provided that they are not included on any page which requires any sort of payment - just a link or credit would be nice! The standard copyright disclaimer applies; unless marked as an "AJOriginal", I am not the copyright owner of any scanned image on this site and have no knowledge of where such ownership resides, any breach of legally valid copyright is entirely unintentional and images will be removed if so requested by the copyright owner.

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