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Having seen all the scanned delights in my collection, I thought you might like to get your hands on some of the books, videos and DVDs that these gorgeous men appear in!

After a long review of the online suppliers, I have decided to recommend just "Amazon", who can supply both UK and and US products to anywhere in the world.

Check them out and get some more hot men in your life!

Let me know how you get on. Although I'm not in any way responsible for the delivery and payment of the videos, DVDs or books, I would like to know if the service you get is good or bad.

The Video & DVD Rack

I've put some of my personal favourites and recommendations in the 'Shop' section of each of the galleries, but if you just want a general browse through the shelves of a reliable online store ...

For the largest selection of UK-release videos and DVDs, you can't beat

For American format videos and DVDs, have a look at

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The Bookshelf

For a huge selection of books, at discount prices and with excellent customer service, you can't do much better than

Just enter the name of a star, show, or author in a search box below and see what literary delights are waiting to be shipped to you.

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If you're looking for an American title, check out

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